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Cart-Away Concrete Mixers

Troesh Coleman Pacific now carries Cart-Away concrete mixers available to rent. These easy-to-use mixing machines make pouring concrete convenient and affordable. Four of our mixers can hold up to 1 yard of concrete and require a 2” hitch to tow. Our fifth and largest mixer has a 1.5 yard capacity and requires a 2 5/16” hitch as well as a ¾ ton pick-up truck or larger. You can choose from a 3/8” or 3/4” aggregate. Our standard mix is a 5-sack blend but we are happy to increase the quantity depending on your specific job. Our yard staff will load the mixer for you, ensuring you get exactly the product you need. The whole process is fast and easy. The machines are continually mixing, easy to tilt, and equipped with gas powered engines and hydraulics. Their size accommodates for excellent maneuverability making pouring concrete a breeze. Rent one today and you will surely be amazed at the ease and convenience of Cart-Away mixers.