Decorative Rock and Bark

Decorative Rock

Birds Eye 1/4″

Pea Gravel 3/8″

Camanche 1 1/2″

Camanche 2″- 4″

Coast Gold 3/8″

Coastal Gold 3/4″

Coast Gold 1 1/2″

Cuyama 3/4″

Decomposed Granite

River Rock 1 1/2″

Noiyo 2″- 4″

Noiyo 4″- 8″

Pacific Brown 3/8″

Pacific Brown 3/4″

Brown Lava 3/4″

Red Lava 1 1/2″

Lompoc Rock 3/4″

Salt and Pepper 3/4″

Bark Material

Gorilla Hair

This shredded redwood material is an exceptionally long-lasting, decorative ground cover. Gorilla hair is fibrous and fuzzy in nature, soft in appearance and rich in color. It seems to hold together better along minor slopes and hillsides. Along with great aesthetic appeal, it increases moisture retention and weed reduction.

Medium Nuggets

Preferred as decorative bark mulch, these 2″ and smaller nuggets can be used as a walk-on surface or for ground cover. With a clean, yet natural look, these individual nuggets are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Mini Nuggets

Mini nuggets are produced with high quality installations in mind. It’s a popular choice for installations that need complete coverage as it hugs the trunk system of most plants and shrubs while aiding in moisture retention and weed reduction.

Recycled Brown

After we accept Green and Wood waste at our yard we double grind the raw pile and produce sellable product. The material could be a mixture of various shrubs and local trees from oak, eucalyptus and pine and construction debris including 2×4 lumber and plywood. We DO NOT accept any type of treated wood or painted material. This material is a perfect fit for larger properties that would have an alternate to dirt; it’s an excellent choice for weed control and moisture retention in your soil.

Recycled Mahogany

Made from recycled wood products, these screened barks are an excellent choice for weed control and moisture retention in your soil. There are also aesthetically pleasing and often used for decorative purposes. We carry recycled bark in both brown and mahogany colors.

Walk on Bark

This material has the lush appearance and cushioned feel of the forest floor. Consisting of various particle sizes, this fibrous and woody bark mixture interlocks (knits down) after installation and is often used as ground cover in high wind situations.

Forest Floor Mulch

Forest Floor Mulch is made from the scraps of a variety of different trees and branches. It is a basic ground cover commonly used when needing to cover a very large area as it is the most cost effective. It preforms as other mulches do, aiding in weed suppression and water retention.

Playground Chips

Certified Playground Chips are derived from 100% virgin cedar wood, screened in size to meet ADA, CPSC and ASTM standards for accessibility, shock absorbency and slip resistance. Sizing is .5” to 1.5” in length,and .25” to .5” in width. As with any forest material, there is a possibility of splinters.This non-toxic material is free from chemicals, additives, soil, leaves and other contaminates.