Cart-Away Concrete Mixers

TCP now has an assortment of Cart-Away concrete mixers available to rent. These continually rotating mixers are highly sought after for their ease of use. Our yard staff will load the mixer for you, ensuring you get exactly the product you need and making the entire process fast and easy. Choose from one of our four smaller mixers that can hold up to one yard of concrete or our larger mixer that has a 1.5 yard capacity. The larger 1.5 yard mixer requires a ¾ ton or larger truck. You have the option of a ¾” or a 3/8” aggregate so these mixers can meet the needs of a variety of projects that call for concrete. ¾” aggregate is best suited for heavy traffic areas such as a driveway or footings because it is slightly stronger than the 3/8”. 3/8” is best used in areas that do not need to withstand quite as much force such as a walk way.